Doing Data With Optimized SQL Query

Featured Image Source: SQL Authority Blog Writing SQL(Structured Query Language) to analyze data from a database is a must have skill for any data analyst. As the size of data grows it of up most important to write optimized query. Query optimization can be divided into two levels. First, the query processor of Database Management... Continue Reading →

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Game Theory – What it Takes to Win?

Few months back I watched all five season of a very interesting TV series called Numb3rs. The show is about a team of FBI agents who solve crimes with the help of a fictional mathematics professor, Charlie Eppes. During a crime investigation, Charlie comes on the scene to analyze all of the numbers and look... Continue Reading →

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543 Million Years Ago: When the Vision Started

The process of evolution accelerated on the planet earth 543 million years ago. For the evolution to suddenly accelerate something extraordinary happened, the organism started developing a vision. Now rather than waiting for food, the organisms could see food and move towards them and the food could see the predator coming towards them and run... Continue Reading →

Data Science? What on Earth Is this?

Data science is an emerging field. Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of hype in the media about “data science” and “Big Data.” The past fifteen years have seen extensive investments in business infrastructure, which have improved the ability to collect data throughout the enterprise. Virtually every aspect of the business is... Continue Reading →

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